Let the sunshine wake you. Your eyes are filled with natural beauty, majestic mountains and colorful meadows. With a little luck you can also see sheep going to the mountain pastures. 

From the Tana you go out for a walk in the Sozzine Park or through the streets of the center, to walk on the remains of the Great War or to the Narcanello Falls; to tackle Gavia and Mortirolo by road bike, mountain bike, E-bike: the mountains are calling you to make you challenge yourself. Here, the sky is real and of a deeper blue. Breathe deeply, fix its image in your mind, reflected in the lakes or in the panoramic whirlpool in the garden.

My favorite place in summer is the hammock at the end of the woods of the Spa, near the stream that springs from the Pisgana Glacier.
Summer is a massage, among the fir trees moved by the wind and the chirping of the birds that live there.
The best part is to spend an entire afternoon among the deckchairs in the lawn, the Kneipp stream and the cold tub, a panacea for your body and mind.

The Tana welcomes you: When the weather is favorable, the aperitif on the terrace at sunset turns into a dinner under the stars and it is pure magic.


Autumn is quietness, taking a break, understanding that nature is everybody's home.
The temperatures are ideal for trekking and walking along the trenches and ridges of the Tonale. The mountain shelters are often already closed, but our packed lunch can make the connection with nature even deeper.
The landscape is tinged with warm and bright colors, the larch trees change their appearance as the days go by and the meadows prepare for the cold winter. The silence is broken only by deer in love, if you are lucky, you can even spot them.

In Autumn, every ray of the sun is joy. From outdoor lunches to dinners in front of the heater. What energy is the temperature range between day and night, remember to pack clothes that can be layered.

Mushrooms, roasted chestnuts and the heated bench of the Wellness Center manage to give even the gloomiest of days a deeper meaning.


If you love skiing, La Tana is perfect: the ski run passes through here: you’ll find yourself skiing around the 100 km of the Pontedilegno-Tonale area in the blink of an eye.
The late alarm follows the sun, which slowly peeps from one peak to another. The snow creates an enchanted atmosphere. Silence accompanies the morning walks. In a short time, you find yourself on the cross-country ski trail and the ice-skating rink.

Lunch is convivial: at La Tana you will find skiers, mountain lovers and families enjoying a jolly meal.

The sun hides in the afternoon and the enveloping warmth of the Wellness Center attracts our guests.
Imagine yourself diving in the outdoor pool during a snowfall. Pure magic.


The thaw. The awakening. Nature that yawns first and gets stunning then.
Spring in Ponte di Legno is a song of joy that invites you to live and immerse yourself in the open air.

The peaks are still covered with snow and this is the perfect season for ski mountaineering, off-piste runs like Pisgana and Pisganino arrive directly at the foot of La Tana.

The snowdrops color the meadows and the streams resume their run towards the bottom of the valley. Fir trees also raise their shoulders and leafless larches put their leaves back out. The first flowers appear on the balconies of La Tana.

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